What kind of songs do you upload onto your channel?
      I try and keep my uploaded songs into three categories: Anime songs, Video Game songs and Original songs. Usually, I am experimenting when I deviate from these genres.
    Can I use your songs in my works?
      Yes, any song I upload, even originals, can be used for your works as long as you clearly credit me in the video, description, or credits (if applicable).
    How can I request a song for you to cover?
      You can request a song by asking in the comments of a video, or emailing me about it. However, there is no guarantee I will fulfil the request.
    Do you do song commissions?
      Please email me at shinkonetcavy@gmail.com and state the song you want me to create, what style, and any other comments.
      These rates can change in the future (higher prices if more demand), and I may be closed to commissions at times to fulfil the existing requests.
        MIDI covers are $100USD. for songs between 1-3 minutes, negotiable if more.
        Commercial projects (original music), in any style I can do, is $200USD, while non-commercial is $75USD.
    How do you get a visualizer for your songs? Why are they in stereo? How can you get over the two octave limit? Why are there so many instruments? Etc.
      These are all features of NBS2CBS.
    Can I have a tutorial on how to make this note block song?
      Sure! Some time in the future, I will create tutorials on how MIDI sequencing works (showing how to create a MIDI song) the techniques of properly editing and transcribing this MIDI file into Note Block Studio, the refining process, and techniques I use to make it sound fantastic.
      I don’t use note blocks themselves when making my songs. I solely use command blocks. So, a Redstone-based tutorial for Survival Mode is impossible and will take too long.
    Can I have the NBS file?
      I don’t share the source files for my songs. An exception to this are the songs I bundled into the NBS Mod downloads.
    Where’s a world download?
      I may supply .schematic files for my NBS2CBS-generated songs that you can drop into the NBS2CBS world. The method will be easier and more convenient than a world download.
    What is the program and settings you are using to display your MIDIs?
      MIDITrail yossiepon mod is the prorgam I used in 2017. The settings include 2D piano view, camera rolled 90 degrees and above the keyboard, and a luma key effect for the background. I have also modified the .ini files to alter the note scroll speed.
      Currently I am using MIDIFall. The program can be downloaded at this website..
    How do you make your MIDIs?
      I use FL Studio. Using the Playlist feature, I have the entire MIDI in a single pattern, usually. I then have the original song as an audio object lined up with the MIDI pattern to sync over the song when I press Play.
      I also use plugins/techniques such as Parametric EQ, a Spectogram and Stereo Isolation to help me hear the notes.
      I stream myself creating my MIDIs on YouTube, you can find the archived stream of that song’s creation in most of my recent MIDI covers.
    What plugins do you use?
      A few plugins I often use include: Kontakt (and libraries such as The Grandeur, Electri6ity, and my own samples), EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Steinberg plugins (Retrologue, Groove Agent 5, The Grand 3, Virtual Guitarist, LM4-MK11), Roland/Edirol plugins (Super Quartet, Hyper Canvas), Serum, Sylenth1, and my hardware sound module; an Edirol SD-90.